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The very nature of NEET, JEE Main, and JEE Advanced, or any other Engineering Entrance Exam is such that demands perfect performance on the final exam. Leaving nothing to chance, MEDJEE takes its students through multiple exams, in exact Mock conditions to ensure the students don't get psyched out by anything on the final exam. Objective exams have one thing peculiar, "Approach to attempt". There are questions meant to be left and questions meant to be attempted. To this, there is also a way to attempt, unique to every individual. To help MEDJEEANS, various Test patterns on different formats and levels are given to the students to make sure they develop their own test taking approach and pull the maximum scores. Multiple categories of tests viz class tests, online tests, chapter tests, for NEET, JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced, BITSAT, VITEEE and others are provided to the students during their course. The testing and Analytics part is handled by MEDJEE and it is one of the most powerful and comprehensive testing platforms in the country.


To evaluate, MEDJEE provides meticulously prepared question papers with key, hints and solution as per standard of the board and competitive exams.

  Conduct of compulsory, 22 weekly objective tests and 6 MST (Monthly Subjective Test) and MOT (Monthly Objective Test) for Grade XI.

  Conduct of mandate 22 Weekly Objective Tests (WOT) and 5 Monthly Subjective and Objective Tests (MST&MOT) for Grade XII.

  REVISION TESTS: 10 Weekly Part Test, 2 Cumulative Revision Tests and 18 GT (Grand Test) on NEET / JEE Main / JEE Advanced for Grade XII.


  Subject wise specific reports (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

  Student Performance Analysis Report on individual basis.

  Comparative performance analysis class wise & subject wise along with comparative ranking overall students of MEDJEE Nationwide.